Installation – reconstruction.
By using archival photo material and video footage, a nostalgic walk through Moscow city centre is being reconstructed. These sites exist only in the memory as the city is being constantly altered and rebuilt. The “exposition” continues to grow as the memories of Moscow’s past keep on layering up the streets.



“Still(live) is a visual essay rooting from a research into Facetime communication. Being fascinated by the question of how real is the person on the “other side” Elizaveta Federmesser explores the physicality of one’s presence under the smooth surface of a retina screen.”


MUSE, 2017

This project premiered as a part of The One Minutes program “Witches” curated by Juliette Lizotte at Fabulous Futures, Amsterdam.
The film has an accompanying poem: 

PLAY#1, 2017

Short film PLAY#1 is an open letter about social awkwardness and mistranslation. This is a short film exploring weak points of human’s interactions and common difficulties of false expectations. It premiered at the EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam in February 2017.


PROCRASTINATION aka Quality time-spending. Spam presentation.
Presented at “Procrastination” a group show, special project of the V Moscow International Biennale for Young Art “Deep inside”.