• VR game (play here) and installation, mixed media: 10 portraits on textile; 1 black glass bench with etchings; 1 black mirror; 1 post card; 1 photo print; 1 text print. 

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    “Time stops or slows down drastically.
    You notice details.
    You are in a safe limbo.
    You are free to start it or finish it at any moment.
    You are in a bliss.
    You see you through it. 
    It is at prism.
    Others been “here”.
    It is a common place. 
    You are on your own but not alone. 
    Life goes on and keeps on changing.
    You are just in a total awareness of it.
    When you entered something has finished and something has began.
    It fades in and out again.”